Leveraging Data to improve UI/UX and revolutionize products – GMIC SV 2015

Vamos a compartir algunas conferencias y paneles interesantes que tuvieron lugar en el GMIC SV – 2015, la conferencia y feria anual más grande de tecnologías móviles.

“Big Data can be used to creatively segment your user base, but you must look for stories in the data and how it clusters to uncover the “why” behind user behavior. Quantitative data analysis cannot perfectly reveal the qualitative experience of the user, and it is misguided to drive change uniformly across all demographics given the variety of subjective user experiences. This session will show you how to leverage data leading to ah-ha! moments that reveal user sentiments.

Or open the video following this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDjSq5Jx5VI

Victor Tong, Founder & Chief Evangelizing Officer, Webplus

Bonnie Barrilleaux, Data Scientist, LinkedIn
Kendall Hulet, SVP of Product, Ancestry
Muddu Sudhakar, VP & GM Security Markets, Splunk
Jeannie Yang, Chief Product & Design Officer, Smule”


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